Project Appleseed

The Project Appleseed program is designed to take you from being a simple rifle owner to being a true rifleman. All throughout American history, the rifleman has been defined as a marksman capable of hitting a man-sized target from 500 yards away — no ifs, ands or buts about it. This 500-yard range is traditionally known as "the rifleman's quarter-mile;" a rifleman can hit just about any target he can see. This skill was particularly evident in the birth of our country, and was the difference in winning the Revolutionary War.

The course is part history, part firearms instruction and parts hands-on training. The main course of fire takes place at 25 Meters using reduced targets simulating distances out to 500 yards. Shooting is done from three primary positions (special allowances will be made for disabled folks though). You can use any safe, functional semi-auto or bolt action rifle from .22 up to .32 (8mm). The RWVA recommends using .22LR due to the low cost normally associated with it.

The Burlington Flats Fish & Game Club proudly supports the Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA) and their Project Appleseed program. We welcome club members as well as the general public to these events. It helps introduce new shooters to safe and proper shooting techniques and it can help experienced shooters to "unlearn" some bad shooting habits and improve. It also teaches you why its important that we, as Americans retain the ability to shoot well. The members who conduct the shoots are very experienced and dedicated; if you follow their training, your shooting should improve quite notably.

We try to hold shoots at the club during both warm and cold weather (because a rifleman should be able to shoot in all conditions), but due to the historic shortage of .22LR ammo, we've had to cut back drastically. The classroom portion of the shoots is held in our Clubhouse and indoor range. The shooting portion is held on our 50 yard range (which is measured out for a 25 Meter course of fire). When possible, we also give shooters the chance to test their skills on our 300 yard known distance range.

For more information about Project Appleseed, please contact our club officials, or visit one of the links on the right side of this page. If you do decide to come to an Appleseed shoot, please be sure to also read and understand our club safety rules.

Note: We do not plan on hosting any Appleseed events for 2017.

Above- Assorted views of Past Appleseed Activities

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