F-Class (Fun Shoot)

From May to late October (or later depending on how the weather is) each year, we hold weekly informal F-Class style shoots. The shoots are held on our 300 yard known distance range each Monday afternoon starting at 4pm. We move the events to Wednesdays in the event of bad weather. This shoot is open to the public - everyone is welcome to attend.

Our shoots are not official record-keeping F-Class matches, they are actually fun shoots in the style of F-Class. The main difference is that we do not compete with each other and we also allow more freedom with regard to equipment and time. This means you can bring what you have...you don't need an expensive or fancy rifle. Any rifle (up to .36 cal), any sights (scope, iron sights, etc.), rear bag and front support will work just fine. You can't use lead sleds or similar one piece rests...the front rest and rear bag must be separate. A shooting mat or tarp is also recommended for those preferring to shoot from the ground. Otherwise, you can shoot from a bench when there is an opening.

Of course, you do have the option to stick to F-Class rules, but you also have the option to shoot bench rest style. You can also "mix and match" styles as you see fit. Whichever style you choose, the course of fire consists of a set of unlimited sighters and 15 shots for record at a range of 300 yards (using the MR-63 F-Class target reduced for 300 yards). Multiple groups can shoot over the course of the event (so it can run until dark if there are lots of shooters).

First time F-Class shooters can shoot one set free. Everyone else pays a range fee of $6.00 per set. Shooting at Burlington Flats is fun but can be humbling as well: while its true that we shoot at a fairly short range, we have interesting topographical and environmental challenges on site. As a result, if can be quite challenging at times. One thing is for certain: Regular shooting at Burlington Flats will teach you how to shoot in varied terrain and in wind!

Important Access, Safety & Parking Information
Access to our F-Class shoots is via the secondary access road located off Louie Dickinson Road immediately west of our clubhouse. Drive down the road carefully (its very bumpy) and stop at the checkpoint. Please note that although you may not see any significant activity, you cannot see all shooters from the checkpoint. Someone could still be shooting without you knowing it. DO NOT PROCEED past the checkpoint until cleared to do so. Its not clear until the green sign is up and the line boss waves you in. Once inside, follow the road to the left up and past the small white shed. You can park anywhere in the field to the right of the shed. From there, you can bring your gear over to the firing line area.

Before coming, be sure to check the club calendar and Facebook to be advised of any changes. Please also be sure to familiarize yourself with our club club safety rules.

F-Class Points of Contact
For more information about our F-Class activities, please contact Martha Thompson or Fred Emhof or one of our club officials.

Above- Assorted views of our F-Class Activities

F-Class Specifics

  • When: May - late October, Mondays, 4pm until done (we actually have two "shifts"- one which starts around noon and the main one around 4pm). Our "early shift often continues until November/first snow.
  • Where: 300 Yard Range firing line.
  • Who: Anyone (public invited)
  • Price: $6 (range fee). First time F-Class shooters are free.
  • Contact: Martha Thompson (315) 732-0055 & Fred Emhof, fredchair@aol.com

F-Class Information Resources