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Project Appleseed Shoot - 21/22 May

We'll be holding a single Project Appleseed shoot this year. Its scheduled for the weekend of 21 & 22 May on our club grounds. This is an excellent program which teaches history combined with classroom and hands-on training in proper shooting techniques. It not only helps new and inexeperienced shooters, but it can also help long time shooters improve/unlearn bad shooting habits. The event is open to anyone wishing to attend. Space is limited (15 slots), so please register soon. Learn More >

F Class Every Monday*

We shoot a modified version of F-Class on our 300 yard range on Monday afternoons (* Wednesdays in case of rain) from 4pm until dark Anyone can attend. Cost is $6.00 per set (brand new/first time F-Class shooters get to shoot one set for free). Shoot what you have...any rifle up to .36 caliber with any kind of sights. Learn More >

Junior Rifle Every Tuesday

Our excellent Junior Rifle program is now underway. It runs on Tuesdays from 6-8p until August. Please note that the clubhouse, indoor range and outdoor 50 yard range are reserved each Tuesday evening for this program. If you are interested in helping us sponsor the program, please let us know. Learn More >

No Junk/Garbage on Shooting Ranges

You may only shoot proper targets on our ranges. Do not bring old appliances, bottles, cans, containers or other non-standard targets to shoot on our ranges. All shooting must be done into backstops/berms only.When done shooting, clean up after yoursef- police your brass and remove any targets or garbage you have generated. Just remember that you ARE on camera and we DO regularly monitor things. Please help us take care of the club by keeping it clean and safe. Learn More >

If you like shooting & fishing, we’re the club for you.
Founded in 1964 and located in northwestern Otsego County, NY, our private club provides indoor and outdoor shooting ranges as well as fishing areas and indoor/outdoor facilities to our members. We host informative training sessions and hold many fun events. We're also the proud sponsors of Boy Scout Troop 9, Edmeston.

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