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F-Class Every Monday

Our F-Class Open style shoots run on Mondays from 4pm until done. No fancy equipment is required, simply shoot what you have. Proceed to the 300 yard range firing line via our side road and wait until physically cleared to enter. First time (new) shooters are free, everyone else pays $6.00 per rifle. Learn More >

Junior Rifle Every Tuesday

Junior Rifle runs on Tuesday evenings at 6pm from April through August. Please note that the indoor range and outdoor 50 yard range are both reserved for this program. Learn More >

300 Yard Range Safety!

Important Safety Reminder: When using the 300 yard range, be sure to put the "Range in Use" sign up and run the barricade chain across the access road. This is to let other members know that the range is hot. Also be sure to use the smaller sign on the secondary access/side road (the one past the club house that leads to the 300 yard shooting line). Also remember to take them down when done. Members are reminded to NOT cross either checkpoint while those signs are in place. Be sure you are positively and physically cleared to enter before proceeding. Safety is key. Learn More >

Shooting Takes Precedence

Reminder: All members are welcome to fish in our pond, but they must vacate the pond area if anyone wishes to shoot on the 300 yard range or the skeet field. It doesn't matter if you were fishing first, shooting automatically takes priority over fishing without exception. This is due to safety concerns stemming from the fact that both ranges overlook the fishing area. Learn More >


Remember the "SAFE Act" well, because the "NYS SAFE ACT II" is ready & waiting in 2015. It includes 10 to 12 new "anti-gun" provisions. Stay informed and contact your representatives to voice your opinion! Learn More >

If you like shooting & fishing, we’re the club for you.
Founded in 1964 and located in northwestern Otsego County, NY, our private club provides indoor and outdoor shooting ranges as well as fishing areas and indoor/outdoor facilities to our members. We host informative training sessions and hold many fun events. We're also the proud sponsors of Boy Scout Troop 9, Edmeston.

New members are always welcome!


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