300 Yard Known Distance Range

Our 300 yard range is located behind our clubhouse near our fishing pond. Its open during daylight hours to members 365 days a year except when reserved for club-sponsored events or activities. It features a a scoring house, target pit with retractable stands as well as positions for shooting at 100, 200 and 300 yards. It also has three flags to help the shooter in gauging the wind.

In the past, we've held NRA High Power shoots on this range (and are hoping to do so again). This is where we currently hold our F-Class style fun shoots. Due to the interesting topography and weather in our area, our range can be quite challenging. If you can shoot at Burlington Flats, you can handle whatever is thrown at you anywhere else!

The range actually passes over the nearest portion of our fishing pond. So, there can be no fishing while shooting is taking place. All shooting takes precedence over fishing as a result. If someone is fishing and someone else wishes to shoot, please politely ask the fisher to leave the area for the duration of the shoot.

The skeet field overlooks the 300 yard range. As a result of this, no one can be on the 300 yard range if the skeet field is already in use. Of course, if the 300 yard range is needed for a club-sponsored event, then the skeet field must be vacated. In the event of two members wanting to use the two areas for personal use at the same time, it's decided on a first-come, first serve basis (whoever was there first shoots and the latecomer must wait).

Access & Parking
Access to the range is via the main club road and a smaller access road just past the clubhouse to the west. There are checkpoints part way down both roads. When the 300 yard range is NOT being used for shooting, the signs at the checkpoints should always be flipped to "Range Not In Use". When shooting IS to take place, the signs must be flipped to "Range In Use" and the chain/rope barrier put across the roads. Do not cross the checkpoints if there are barriers across the roads and/or signs indicating the range is in use. Wait until you are cleared to enter. If you are the only shooter, then you are responsible for displaying the signs.

Parking for the 300 yard line is in the grassy area to the right of the white shed. Parking for the 200 yard firing line is along the road that runs between the 300 yard firing line and the target pit. Do not drive or park in the grassy areas next to the shooting benches. Also do not drive on the small causeway/dam at the end of the road near the closest part of the pond and the entrance to the target pits.

As with all of our ranges, please respect the club property within the 300 yard range. Also, please be sure to keep the range clean. Pick up your brass and do not litter. Please take out whatever you bring in with you. Remember that others shoot here as well.

Above- Assorted views of our 300 yard range

Important Safety Information