Clubhouse, Pavilion and Other Club Facilities

Main Clubhouse
Our main clubhouse is located at the entrance to the club grounds. It was built by members in 1964. Its heated and features a meeting area, a small kitchen, plus bathroom facilities for both men and women. The clubhouse is used for official meetings, club sponsored events, training courses and various other activities. Its also used by Edmeston's Boy Scout Troop 9 for their weekly meetings.

The clubhouse is open to members 24 hours a day except when reserved for club-sponsored events (see the club calendar for a listing of events). Attached to the clubhouse is our indoor 50 ft range.

Outside and directly across from our clubhouse is our 40'x25' covered pavilion. Funding for the pavilion was made possible through a generous $5,000 grant from Friends of the NRA. Additional upgrades are being considered which will help to improve range safety during club shoots, junior rifle training, Project Appleseed shoots and outdoor hunter safety training.

Members can use the pavilion for sun/rain cover during outdoor events. It can also be used for cover when shooting on the 50 yard range (be advised that the actual distance between the edge of the pavilion and the target berm is closer to 46 yards). Important- Do not cook, use fire or park under the pavilion. Don't shoot at the pavilion structure. Clean up all trash when done (use trash receptacles/if you brought it in, take it back out with you).

Access & Parking
Vehicles can be parked alongside the main club access road that runs between the clubhouse and pavilion. Do not block the access road and do not park under the pavilion. We also recommend against parking on Louie Dickinson Road due to limited field of view. Additional parking is available near the 300 yard range firing line (for those shooting on the known distance range). Those using the fishing pond should park alongside the access road leading down to the pond (but NOT on the causeway/dam near the entrance to the target pits).

Other Facilities - Ranges & Fishing
Our club also features five indoor and outdoor shooting ranges consisting of a 50ft indoor range, 50yd outdoor range, 300yd known distance range plus skeet and trap fields. We also have two fishing areas. These facilities are not open to the general public. They may only be used by paid-up club members, their escorted guests and guest club event participants only (non members joining us for one of our club-sponsored shoots).

Before shooting or observing shooting activities on our ranges, be sure to read, comprehend and follow our club safety rules. We want members to have fun and to enjoy the club, but to do so safely. Lets all help keep Burlington Flats Fish and Game Club going strong for future members!

Above- Views of our clubhouse & pavilion

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