Junior Rifle

Burlington Flats Fish & Game Club's Junior Rifle program is dedicated to teaching lifelong shooting skills and safe gun handling. It's an excellent program to help children to learn about gun safety and proper shooting skills early on. The program runs on Tuesday nights at 6pm from April through August. We shoot in both our indoor range and outdoor 50 yard range.

Our Junior Rifle Team consists of 50 shooters from ages 12-18. Team instruction is overseen by NRA rifle instruction and range safety certified instructors. Team members are taught the three-position shooting stance, standing (off hand), kneeling and prone. Shooters use .22 caliber target rifles. Rifles and ammunition are provided to shooters who need it. Instructors work one-on-one with each shooter on all basic principles no matter if they have never experienced this type of level of shooting.

In addition to the weekly training and shoots, team members can also participate in our end of year Junior Rifle Games. Additional program specifics can be found in "Junior Rifle Rules and Regulations" below.

Access & Parking
Before coming, be sure to check the club calendar and Facebook to be advised of any changes. Please also be sure to familiarize yourself with our club club safety rules. The team usually gathers in the main clubhouse. Simply park outside and enter via the main entrance/front door.

Junior Rifle Rules and Regulations

In addition to club safety rules, the following Junior Rifle-specific rules apply to all those present whether parent or attendee.

  1. You will receive one (1) warning - if spoken to again you will be asked to leave the program, with no refund. This also applies to any misuse or improper behavior of the firearms.
  2. Age limitations: 12 to 18, any 10 or 11 year olds present MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times, and must follow all the same regulations, rules and safety of the children/attendee, both in the clubhouse & the range.
  3. All guns must be taken into the range upon arrival and placed in the gun rack or on the table provided, unless a round is already in progress, they should then be placed on the table near the closed door. DO NOT PLAY WITH OR TOUCH ANY FIREARM until instructed by the range safety officer. NEVER TOUCH OR USE ANYONE ELSES FIREARM UNLESS PERMISSION IS GRANTED.
  4. Absolutely NO fooling / horsing around - in and or around the club house or range.
  5. No one other than a parent/guardian/Junior rifle member is allowed in the range.
  6. Junior rifle members must follow all posted range rules and verbal commands given by the instructors.
  7. Absolutely NO talking upon entering the range - if you have a question please raise your hand.
  8. Upon completion of your round please wait patiently for other members to complete their rounds.
  9. Please stay inside the club house, unless parents are present for safety and accountability reasons.
  10. SAFETY: Please wash your hands after your rounds are completed and before you eat anything, as there is a high lead level associated with ammunition.
  11. REQUIREMENTS: Ear and eye protection must be worn upon entering the range. * If you don't have your own it will be provided for you at no extra cost.
  12. PERMISSION SLIPS: We require parent/guardian of underage members to sign a permission slip, media release, rules and regulations sheet for each child attending Junior rifle.
  13. Cost: A fee of $60 which will cover all 18 weeks is going to be required up front, and is non-refundable.
  14. Attendees must not miss three (3) consecutive weeks without a legal excuse as they will forfeit their spot with no refund.
  15. With more than 50 kids interested in Junior Rifle, a waiting list will be created.
  16. Once again we have decided to apply some rules and regulations leading up to and attending the year end games. There are eighteen (18) weeks of Junior Rifle. In order to attend the year end games you must attend at least 6 out of the 18 weeks to qualify. We will run every Tuesday from 6-8 pm. The exact date for our 2016 year end games will be announced later (though it normally takes place the week after our last regular shoot ends). We will require a pre-registration for the year end games. Late entries will not be allowed to shoot in the games unless prior arrangements are made.
  17. We are also sponsored by Cpl Michael Mayne's family. Michael heroically gave his life for this country. He was an active member of the Fish & Game Club and went through the Junior Rifle Program. Please take the time to thank Lee and Cathy Mayne for all their support.
  18. As always we are looking forward to instructing your child/children and another fun filled year of Junior Rifle. The instructor's this year will be Colette Dunham, Steve Stoner, Eric Joyce and Dan Bell. Please take time to thank them for their time and effort on behalf of your child/children.
  19. If you have any questions feel free to contact Colette Dunham at (607) 965-2199 (home) or (315) 750-0163 (cell).


Above- Assorted views of our Past Junior Rifle Activities

Junior Rifle Specifics

  • When: April - August, Tuesdays, 6pm until done.
    • End of Season Games - 2018 games to be announced
  • Where: Clubhouse.
  • Who: Kids 12-18 (50 slots, first registered, first served)
  • Price: $60 (covers everything). There is a discount for families with 3 or more kids participating.
  • Contact: Colette Dunham, (607) 965-2199 or (315) 750-0163

2017-2018 Junior Rifle Sponsors

We'd like to thank the following businesses and people for sponsoring our Junior Rifle program:

  • Sangerfield Auto & Tire
  • CZ USA Dan Wesson
  • David & Michelle Schoellig
  • Iver Lindberg Family
  • Bare Arms Gun Shop LLC
  • Masters Barber Shop
  • Hill Electric
  • In Memory of Paul Kujawski
  • Steve Stoner
  • Shootin' Shed Gun Shop & Range
  • Dr John Fisk Family
  • Fred Emhof Family
  • Simple Integrity LLC
  • West Winfield NAPA
  • Upstate Spray Foam Insulation
  • Walter J Will Insurance
  • Madison Porter Photography
  • K and P Cross
  • M3 Storage LLC
  • W. Andela & Sons
  • Rustic Ridge Winery
  • Clark's Logging
  • Witter Construction
  • Connors Renovations
  • Norton's Gas
  • Mill Creek Maple Supply
  • Hickling's Fish Farm
  • Gordon B. Roberts Agency