Bullseye Pistol

Our Bullseye Pistol program runs fromĀ October through early April. We shoot in our indoor 50 foot range starting at 7PM each Friday. Its a lot of fun. These shoots are open to the members and escorted guests with pistol licenses.

We shoot from our firing line stalls at a distance of 50 feet. To shoot Bullseye Pistol you need a.22 rimfire or a centerfire pistol. Most people use .22LR, but some use other calibers such as .45ACP. Any sight can be used, but red dot sights are the preferred choice of most shooters.

Shooters provide their own gear and ammunition. We use non-jacketed rounds in accordance with our INDOOR RANGE SAFETY RULES.

All shooting is done single-handed (the other hand cannot assist in holding the gun plus no other supports are permitted). The course of fire consists of multiple segments: The first is a slow fire segment where ten shots are fired over the course of ten minutes. The second segment is where we fire five shots in twenty seconds, two times. The last portion is a rapid fire segment consisting of five shots in ten seconds, two times. If a shooter experiences a malfunction (i.e., jam, dud, etc.) then they can ask for an "alibi" round. At this time they will have to shoot the five shot segment over and the lowest ten shots will be counted for score for the alibi round.

Access & Parking
Before coming, be sure to check the club calendar and Facebook to be advised of any changes. Please also be sure to familiarize yourself with our club INDOOR RANGE SAFETY RULES. Access to the indoor range is via the clubhouse's main entrance. Simply park outside and enter via the main entrance/front door.

Bullseye Pistol Point of Contact
For more information about our Bullseye Pistol activities, please contact Martha Thompson or one of our club officials.


Above- Assorted views of Bullseye Pistol Activities

Bullseye Pistol Specifics

  • When: Mid-October 2020 through 2 April 2021, Fridays, 7pm until done.
  • Where: Indoor Range.
  • Who: Members and escorted guests (licensed pistol owners)
  • Price: $4 (one gun) + $2.00 for each additional gun ($6 if you use two).
  • Contact: Martha Thompson, (315) 732-0055

Bullseye Pistol Information Resources