Burlington Flats Fish & Game Club Officials

The following is the current list of club officials and points of contact for regular club-sponsored activities. These people can be contacted about the club and its activities anytime.

Club Management

  • President:   Mr. Dennis Mayne, 607-965-8096, dmayne@bffgc.com 
  • Vice-President: Mr. Steve Stoner, sstoner@bffgc.com
  • Treasurer:    Mr. Rusty Dutcher 
  • Secretary & Memberships:   Mrs. Theresa Mayne, 607-965-8096, tamayne314@yahoo.com 
  • Board of Directors:
    • Mr. Patrick Thompson, pthompson@bffgc.com
    • Mr. Ed Scholleg
    • Mr. Dave Casler
    • Mr. Tim Mahoney
    • Mr. Fred Emhof


Club-Sponsored Activities Points of Contact