Useful Links

The following are various links which members and the public at large may find useful. This list is thorough but not perfect- if members come across any errors or know of other links we should add or replace, please contact our webmasters.

Pro-Second Amendment Organizations We Support

Click here to visit the NRA website Click here to visit the RWVA website Click here to visit the NYSMA website Click here to visit the NYSRPA website Click here to visit the SCOPE NY website Click here to visit the Gun Owners of America website
Click on the logos above to visit the organizations respective web sites.

Other Firearms/Shooting Organizations

Click here to visit the CMP website Click here to visit the NSSF website Click here to visit the SAAMI website  
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Federal & State Agencies

Click here to visit the ATF website Click here to visit the FBI website Click here to visit the NY State Police website Click here to visit the NY DEC website
Click on the logos above to visit the organizations' respective web sites. Additional related information can be found under "Legal Information" below.

Legal Information


Other New York State Gun Clubs
If you know of a club that we should list here, please let us know. We'd be happy to trade reciprocal links.


Shooting Ranges

  • Where to Shoot- Find a range near you. North America's most comprehensive listing of shooting ranges.


Area Firearms Retailers & Shooting-Related Businesses
The following alphabetically sorted listing features some of the more well-known local area firearms businesses. You can view a list of our most important business support friends by clicking here.


Assorted Links (By Subject/Type)

Firearms, Ammunition, Parts & Accessories
The following are some of the more well-known online retailers. We ask you to please consider supporting your local businesses first before using one of these.

Reloading Equipment, Supplies & Information
The following are some of the more well-known manufacturers of reloading equipment as well as manufacturers and suppliers of reloading components. Many products are available through local businesses.

Ammunition Producers & Retailers
This list is not all-inclusive. Also, some producers may be covered elsewhere on this page. One other thing to be aware of- due to NY laws, some of these businesses may not be able to sell directly to a NY resident. Of course, many of these products may be available through local businesses.

  • Aguila Ammunition - markets and distributes Aguila ammunition.
  • Ammo Bee - Catalog of ammunition and accessories.
  • Ammo Direct - Offering quality remanufactured handgun ammunition in many calibers.
  • Ammo to Go - Online ammunition store that stocks factory new ammunition, bulk ammo, and surplus ammunition.
  • - offering ammunition, reloading supplies, magazines, and more.
  • Bulk Ammo - features gun ammunition, laser sights, flashlights, clips, and more.
  • CCI Ammunitiion - Manufacturers of rimfire ammunition and reloading components.
  • Cor-bon - high performance ammunition for self defense and law enforcement.
  • Eley - High quality rimfire produced in Great Britain.
  • Federal Premium Ammunition - hunting and shooting information, ammunition catalog with updates, ballistic data, downloadable shooting game, and more.
  • Georgia Arms, Inc. - American made ammunition.
  • Lucky Gunner - Bulk ammunition.
  • PMC Ammunition - Ammunition.
  • 1911 Heaven - Veteran-owned distributor of Les Baer custom pistols and rifles.
  • RTG Sporting Collectibles - collectible antique and obsolete ammunition in original boxes.
  • Safari Arms, Ltd. - offers custom loading of precision hunting ammunition.
  • Trust Eibarres SA - producer of shotgun cartridges for hunting and competition.


  • American Handgunner - subscription info, article titles, and magazine covers.
  • Australian Shooter Magazine - monthly publication for sporting shooters.
  • Black Powder Journal - full featured e-zine covering all aspects of black powder shooting. Regular articles on shooting, hunting, re-enactment and how to advice.
  • Clay Shooting USA - Magazine exclusively devoted to Sporting and Parcours de Chasse (FITASC) shooters.
  • - offers reviews and ratings of all types of guns.
  • Guns and Ammo - for the sportsman with a keen interest in the practical application of sporting firearms.
  • Guns Magazine - providing the latest news on guns, ammunition, and accessories.
  • Muzzle Blasts Online - electronic publication of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. Articles related to muzzle loading firearms, accoutrements, and historical data.
  • Rifle Magazine
  • Shoot! Magazine - coverage on Western-action shooting, buffalo hunts, replicas of mid to late 1800s firearms, local clubs, and more.
  • Shotgun Report - electronic magazine dedicated to the clay target shotgun sports.
  • Shotgun Sports Magazine - with monthly column, feature articles, and back issues.
  • Shooting Industry Magazine - Online shooting resource for the shooting industry.
  • Small Arms Review - magazine for the collector, shooter and professional.
  • Soldier of Fortune Magazine - brings you timely updates on military and intelligence operations from around the globe. Articles and editorials from the current edition, too.
  • Trap & Field - official publication of the Amateur Trapshooting Association.

Most Popular Firearms Manufacturers
The following companies produce some of the more common pistols, rifles and/or shotguns we see on our ranges.

Training & Education

  • Airsoft Gun vs. BB Gun – What’s the Difference? - A look at the differences between airsoft and BBs.
  • Comtac Firearms Training Center - tactical firearms training designed to meet the needs of law enforcement officers and civilians. Courses are available for pistol, rifle, and shotgun at varying levels of skill.
  • En-Mark, Inc. - leases a simulated training system for law enforcement and security services. Also provides drunk driving prevention and 911 educational programs for schools.
  • Front Sight Firearms Training Institute - gun handling, marksmanship and tactical training courses in the use of handgun, shotgun and rifle. Serving the needs of the first time gun buyer to the combat master.
  • Seneca Sporting Range Inc. - licensing service, firearms, target ranges and a New York State certified training course for armed guards.
  • Lethal Force Institute - we specialize in self defense products i.e. books, videos, ammunition, and training.
  • License Services - personalized pistol licensing services.
  • Rogers Shooting School - civilian and military classes for shooting handguns, shotguns, and other weapons.
  • Self Defense Firearms Training - develop your skills in handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Classes emphasize civilian self-defense situations.
  • Shoot-N-Iron - defensive and competitive handgun, rifle, and shotgun training classes.
  • Sierra Firearms Academy - provides firearm and self defense training.
  • Spartanics - manufactures electro-optical registration equipment, non-contact optical and mechanical counters and marksmanship training equipment.
  • Tactical Defense Institute - training in handgun, shotgun, rifle, physical defense, and edged weapons for civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel.
  • Top Gun Range - indoor handgun training and shooting center. Basic-extended handgun training, private instruction and concealed handgun license classes.
  • Top Gun Training Centre - providing a diverse array of training opportunities, as well as equipment sales and export services.