Indoor 50 Foot Range

Our 50 ft indoor range is open to members 24 hours a day/365 days a year except when reserved for club-sponsored events or activities. The range is heated, lit and ventilated and features 10 upper and 6 lower backstops. At certain times of the year, it also features 10 wooden shooting lane stalls. This is where we conduct programs such as Junior Rifle, Sporterifle and Bullseye Pistol.

Range Safety Rules
Before shooting or observing shooting activities on this range, you must read and understand our club safety rules. Be advised that our indoor range is restricted to the use of .22 rimfire rifles and low powered handguns using non-jacketed rounds only. This is due to safety and property damage concerns.

The following are prohibited and CAN NOT be used:

    • Black powder firearms
    • Centerfire rifles
    • Magnum handgun loads
    • Centerfire rifle cartridge handguns
    • Bows & crossbows
    • Explosive targets
    • Tracers, armor piercing, steel core or jacketed rounds of any caliber

Please be sure to use the overhead red light whenever people are down range/forward of the firing line. This lets others know the line should be kept safe (they should not be handling firearms and should be behind the red line). Also, please ensure everything is clean/secure and that all range lights, heater and the ventilation fans are turned off when shooting is complete. These switches are located both in the range area (left hand wall) and just outside the range door (they should be marked).

Please note that the range is under video surveillance for liability purposes: If damage is found, we will be able to trace it back to the responsible party and then take appropriate action. So, please be safe and treat the range facilities with care and respect. Many members use this range, so please help us keep it a nice and safe place to shoot. Most of all, lets work together to ensure the range remains available to future generations.

Access & Parking
Access to the indoor range is via the clubhouse's main entrance. Simply park outside near the clubhouse or pavilion and enter via the main entrance/front door.


Above- Assorted views of our Indoor Range

Important Safety Information