Outdoor 50 Yard Range

Our 50 yard range is located near our clubhouse, next to our outdoor pavilion. Its open during daylight hours to members 365 days a year except when reserved for club-sponsored events or activities. This is where we hold Project Appleseed weekend shoots, some elements of Junior Rifle, plus various other activities.

This range is multipurpose in that members can fire rifles, shotguns or handguns here. Members can also practice archery here. This is a great place to site-in your firearm, carry-out short range target practice or teach new shooters the skills and safety procedures associated with shooting.

Access & Parking
Access to the range is via the main club road. Park along side the road next to the clubhouse and pavilion. Do not drive or park under the pavilion or downrange between the pavilion and target berm.

Range Safety Rules
Before shooting or observing shooting activities on this range, you must read and understand our club safety rules. In addition to these club-wide rules, members should be aware that they may shoot from under the pavilion, but please do not shoot at the actual structure itself. Also, please don't shoot at club benches, tables, chairs, etc. We also ask that you not litter this area...if you bring items in, then bring them out when done. Don't leave them. Throw any trash in the nearby receptacle or take it out with you as well.

Have fun, but please respect the club grounds as others shoot here too.

Above- Assorted views of our 50 yard range

Important Safety Information