Fishing at the Burlington Flats Fish & Game Club

We normally have two areas where members can fish, 24 hours a day/365 days a year (with some exceptions). These are the pond behind our clubhouse (ATTENTION: the pond is temporarily closed...there is to be no fishing or boating until further notice!) and our club property at Mill Road. Any fishing must be done in compliance with state and local laws of course (members fishing need to have the appropriate state licenses/permits and observe state restrictions/quotas). We also must ask that you take out anything you bring in with you as well as any trash you create while on-site.

You'll find information specific to each of our two fishing areas below.

Main Fishing Pond
Again, our main pond is currently CLOSED until further notice. There is to be no fishing or boating. NO EXCEPTIONS. We have recently rebuilt our control structure and need to inspect it after the winter thaw. We also need to assess the fish population (and restock if necessary). If all is well, we hope to reopen the pond thereafter.

Mill Road Property
The second area is a portion of Wharton Creek that runs through our 3.66 acre Mill Road property. Its located roughly 2 miles south of the club. Click here for directions (Google Maps | Bing Maps | MapQuest). This is open to club members (members only...its not open to the public) for fishing 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Please note that this area is right up against other people's property. Please be mindful to respect their properties.


Above- Views of our two fishing areas

Additional Fishing-Related Information

Important Safety Information