Fishing at the Burlington Flats Fish & Game Club

We normally have two areas where members can fish, 24 hours a day/365 days a year (with some exceptions). These are the pond behind our clubhouse and our club property at Mill Road. Any fishing must be done in compliance with state and local laws of course (members fishing need to have the appropriate state licenses/permits and observe state restrictions/quotas). We also must ask that you take out anything you bring in with you as well as any trash you create while on-site.

You'll find information specific to each of our two fishing areas below.

Main Fishing Pond
Members can fish on our portion of the pond 24 hours a day/365 days a year, except when shooting is to take place on our 300 yard known distance range. This is because the range crosses over a portion of the pond, making it unsafe to fish while the range is in use. Fishing can also not take place when shooting is taking place on the skeet field (due to falling shot). Club policy is that shooting always takes precedence over fishing without exception. It doesnt matter who was there first- if a member is fishing and another member shows up and wishes to used the 300 yard range or skeet field, the person fishing must vacate the area until shooting is complete and things are confirmed to be clear.

Access to the fishing pond is through the main club road. There is a small checkpoint next to the Skeet houses. If the range is in use, there should be a chain across the road and the sign should say "RANGE IS IN USE". If so, you must wait until shooting is complete and the shooters have departed the range.

If the chain is down and the sign says "RANGE NOT IN USE", then it should be safe to enter. Please proceed cautiously down to the pond, but be observant in case someone is shooting and forgot to display the sign. Be sure to park your vehicle somewhere it can be seen from both the checkpoint and from the range's firing lines. We know it means a longer walk, but this is critical for your safety. Please do not park or drive on our actual dam. While fishing, remain observant in case someone enters the range without being aware of your presence.

Mill Road Property
The second area is a portion of Wharton Creek that runs through our 3.66 acre Mill Road property. Its located roughly 2 miles south of the club. Click here for directions (Google Maps | Bing Maps | MapQuest). This is open to club members (members only...its not open to the public) for fishing 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Please note that this area is right up against other people's property. Please be mindful to respect their properties.


Above- Views of our two fishing areas

Additional Fishing-Related Information

Important Safety Information