Burlington Flats Fish & Game Club Range Safety Rules

Our facilities are for members and event guests only. No one else may use our facilities. When shooting or observing shooting activities on our ranges, all members and their guests must adhere to all Federal, state, and local firearm laws and the following club safety rules. If you can't abide by these rules, then do not use the ranges. Furthermore, be advised that due to safety and liability concerns, our ranges and grounds are monitored 24 hours a day by several video cameras. There are also safety signs on or at the entrance to each shooting range. These signs are well marked/highly visible. There are absolutely no excuses for unsafe conduct and as such, it will not be tolerated. We will take appropriate action (to include legal action if necessary) against anyone trespassing or otherwise acting in an irresponsible and/or unsafe manner.

We want our members to have fun and enjoy shooting, but do it responsibly and safely. Don't jeopardize other people's safety and our club's existence. Don't hand Albany another excuse to infringe upon our rights.

The Following Rules Must Be Obeyed At All Times On ALL Club Ranges:

  1. Our ranges and facilities are NOT public. Only current (paid-up) club members and event guests are permitted. Non-members may not shoot unless they are attending an event which is open to the public or are being escorted by a member.

  2. Obey federal/state laws, club signs and all commands from club officers, range staff and volunteers.

  3. All range users and shooters are responsible for range safety and safe shooting. Members are also responsible for the conduct of their guests.

  4. All shooters are responsible to immediately correct & report any unsafe conditions to a Rangemaster/club official.

  5. Shooters and observers must wear ear and eye protection.

  6. Firearms must be carried safely, unloaded, with the action open, safety engaged (where available) and the muzzle up. Use of chamber flags is encouraged.

  7. Firearms are to be made safe (unloaded, action open, safety engaged) and grounded/not handled during cease fire periods, or when people are in front of the firing line. Firing is permitted only when all persons are behind the firing line (or are under cover in pit), safe conditions exist and the Range master gives the command to commence fire.

  8. All shooting will be in authorized range areas only.
    • Always be sure of your target and range conditions before and while shooting. Be mindful of animals, vehicles and people who may accidentally enter the area.
    • All shooting will be aimed (no quick-draw, from the hip or other reckless firearm usage).
    • All shooting is to be in the direction of and into berms/backstops only.
    • No shooting at unauthorized targets (i.e., old appliances, glass, objects that will call ricochets, etc.).
    • No shooting at range structures or facilities (target frames, buildings, furniture, etc.).
  9. If you make a mess, clean it up. Take your trash out with you.

  10. Respect the club's equipment/facilities and other people's equipment. Never touch or handle any other person’s equipment without their permission.

  11. Alcohol & drug use is prohibited on all club ranges. No firearms may be handled by persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any time on club property.

  12. Shooting (300 yard range and skeet) events take precedence over all fishing activities. If you are fishing and a member lets you know they will be shooting in that area, please stop fishing and leave the area.

  13. No shooting on the 300 yard range (and no fishing) if people are using the skeet field (the shot could fall in the vicinity of the shooting lines and pond shoreline).

  14. Club-sponsored shooting events take precedence over personal shooting. Otherwise, its first come, first serve (if someone else is shooting, you must wait).

  15. No shooting when:
    1. The ranges are reserved (consult our website calendar).
    2. Boy Scouts are in camp.
    • When the main road sign indicates the range is in use. People may be downrange shooting, performing maintenance or even walking in the woods behind the target pits. Even if you don't see anyone immediately, always manually check the ENTIRE range, fishing pod, target pit and woods behind the pit before shooting.
  16. Exercise extreme caution during rifle hunting season; there may be unseen hunters on our grounds.


Enjoy, have fun, be safe.